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Our core business is Loan provision to our members

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Our Loans.

A school fees loan is a financial support that helps individuals cover the expenses of education by providing upfront funds for tuition and related costs, with the borrower repaying the amount over time.

A business loan is money borrowed by entrepreneurs to support their business needs, with repayment plus interest over an agreed period.

A motorcycle loan is a financial arrangement where an individual borrows money to purchase a motorcycles like Boda Boda for business.

A solar loan is money you can borrow to put solar panels on your home or business. You pay it back over time while enjoying the savings on your energy bills from using solar power.

A water loan provides financial support for projects promoting water conservation, infrastructure, or efficiency, with borrowers repaying the funds over time.

A home improvement loan is a type of financing that helps homeowners fund renovations, repairs, or upgrades to their property, with the borrowed amount repaid over time, allowing individuals to enhance the value and comfort of their homes.

A bio gas energy loan supports the installation of bio gas systems, turning organic waste into renewable energy, with borrowers repaying the loan over time to promote sustainable energy practices.

An agriculture loan provides funds for farmers to cover expenses like equipment, seeds, or livestock, with repayment terms adapted to the agricultural cycle.

Chaff cutter loans help farmers buy equipment for chopping livestock feed, with repayments spread over time.